I Found a Darkling

Written by Geneva Clawson
Illustrated by Marcus Clawson

"One day, I found a Darkling..." I Found a Darkling is a picture book following the friendship of a child and a playful shadow creature called the Darkling. 


Our Kickstarter was a resounding success! Thanks to the support of over 200 people, I Found a Darkling is going to be published. As of now, we will be printing 1000 copies and having 500 Darkling plushies made - in the next few months, our garage is going to be brimming with Darklings!

As of today we received our hardcopy proof from our printer. It looks amazing and we gave our approval, and the books have now been ordered. In the coming weeks we will be contacting reviewers and blogs to share our book, and looking into setting up book signings and school events once the book is released.

Progress is being made!