I Found a Darkling

Written by Geneva Clawson
Illustrated by Marcus Clawson

"One day, I found a Darkling..." I Found a Darkling is a picture book following the friendship of a child and a playful shadow creature called the Darkling. 

Update - 5/9/16

A quick update to let you all know where we currently stand. 

Three weeks until the Kickstarter, and we are hard at work getting it ready!

This is our main priority at the moment. Our goals for the week are to edit and polish the copy, draw graphics for the informational sections, and generate images for the rewards (which we are looking forward to sharing!). Once that’s done we can get it out to some friendly volunteers to give us feedback. If you’re interested in helping out there, shoot us a message through the website or Facebook and let us know!

The next week will be spent putting together the video. This, in many ways, is the most important part of the Kickstarter campaign - people that stop by the page will be looking to this first to decide whether or not to pledge, so we’ll be looking for feedback for that as well. 

In the mean time, Marcus Clawson will be working on finishing pages. Only four left to go, and the artwork for the book will be complete! 

Some of our followers got to watch the illustration of the latest page on Friday night. It was great fun having viewers hang out, watch, and ask questions. He intends to continue streaming Darkling illustrations on Friday nights going forward, so visit the Darkling Facebook page around 8pm, Friday night. He’ll be doing other sketches, illustrations, and designs for the Kickstarter from his personal Facebook throughout the week. 

We’re getting excited for the campaign, and it is rapidly approaching. If you can share our project with your friends, family, and fellow booklovers, it could help us a lot come June! We love the book we’re creating and the character of Darkling, and we feel it’s become something really special. We really appreciate your support in making this a reality. 

Now, back to work!