I Found a Darkling

Written by Geneva Clawson
Illustrated by Marcus Clawson

"One day, I found a Darkling..." I Found a Darkling is a picture book following the friendship of a child and a playful shadow creature called the Darkling. 

Preorders open - Release Day soon!

As of today, preorders are open on the website! Orders will ship out for our December 3rd release, and barring unforeseen circumstance should arrive before Christmas! Just navigate to our "store" link at the top of the page, and you can own your own copy of the book and a sweet, snuggly Darkling of your very own!

Also coming up is our exciting release day. If you're local, we'd love to see you! We will be in Benicia, CA at our favorite independent bookstore, Bookshop Benicia, from 10-12, and then in the afternoon will be moving to the wonderfully supportive Barnes & Noble Fairfield from 2-4. You can draw a Darkling with Marcus, get your book signed by the author and illustrator, ask questions and enjoy a reading of the book! Plushies will be available as well, just waiting for someone to take them home.

It's been a long process and a lot of work. We're so glad to finally be here!



Maker's Faire

This coming weekend, November 5th and 6th from 1-3pm, Marcus and I will be at Barnes & Noble Fairfield to participate in their maker's faire. If you're local, come by and visit us and draw a Darkling with Marcus!

Release planned!

The books are here! Our garage is now stacked full of copies of I Found a Darkling, and we've set our release date. The book will officially be released on December 3rd, 2016, and we're beginning to tentatively plan two release events for the day! We will keep you updated as details are worked out, so sign up for our mailing list to be sure you get the word and can come visit us on the day!

We'll be debuting I Found a Darkling at Bookshop Benicia in Benicia, CA and at Barnes & Noble in Fairfield, CA. We will have a prerelease next weekend, November 5-6, at Barnes & Noble Fairfield as well, so come on down to check out the book and learn to draw the Darkling with illustrator Marcus Clawson!


Getting close...

We're drawing close to the delivery of the books and plushies, and other rewards are beginning to show up! We just received one that I'm particularly excited about and want to share: Darkling pins. 

We hope to receive the plushies next week and the books soon after, ready to ship product out in November. We can't wait to share this book with you!


2yo Elly reading "I Found a Darkling" with her dad, illustrator Marcus Clawson. 


Just a quick update to connect with you all and let you know that the wheels are still turning. 

Our plush manufacturer has been in contact to say we're nearing the final phase of production. We've finalized our tag design and confirmed the tag placement on a prototype. It's looking good!

 Our wonderful contact at PrintNinja says that our order is in production and while hopefully be wrapping up in the next week or two, at which point we'll receive information about the shipping from China and we'll then have a better idea of when to expect the books to arrive!

As always, we will keep you updated. 



Our Kickstarter was a resounding success! Thanks to the support of over 200 people, I Found a Darkling is going to be published. As of now, we will be printing 1000 copies and having 500 Darkling plushies made - in the next few months, our garage is going to be brimming with Darklings!

As of today we received our hardcopy proof from our printer. It looks amazing and we gave our approval, and the books have now been ordered. In the coming weeks we will be contacting reviewers and blogs to share our book, and looking into setting up book signings and school events once the book is released.

Progress is being made!


Halfway funded!


We are a couple days shy of halfway through our campaign, and we've not only hit but already surpassed the 50% mark. We are so thrilled, we're offering a token of our appreciation: all backers at the $20 level and above will receive instructions on "How to Draw a Darkling in 10 Easy Steps" as part of their order. 

We got to test the instructions out this past weekend at the Barnes & Nobles B-Fest. Marcus hosted a table where we got to talk about the book and draw Darklings with a bunch of rad kids, and it was a lot of fun. 

Earlier last week I had the pleasure of being interviewed by the Benicia Herald, and "I Found a Darkling" was featured on the front page. Take a look at the article here: http://beniciaheraldonline.com/benicia-couple-collaborate-on-childrens-book-raise-funds-through-kickstarter/

And our interview with Reality Comics should be posted at some point this week, so we will share that when it's available. 

Kickstarter largely start out strong and then fall into a slump in the middle, with another surge near the end - I'm so grateful that since the beginning we have received fairly steady support throughout our campaign. We need to keep it going to reach our goal, so if you haven't had a chance to yet, this would be a great time to go check out the campaign at www.ifoundadarkling.com/fund, and if you're not able to pledge then just sharing is still greatly appreciated support.

Thank you to everyone!

Kickstarter update

The Kickstarter is in full swing! We are, at this point, 10 days in and we are already 43% funded! We've received so much support and are so grateful to everyone that has backed. You're an awesome bunch and we can't wait to bring this book to life to share with everyone.

I Found a Darkling was recently featured in the Benicia Herald newspaper. Take a look at the article here!

This Sunday (June 12) Marcus will be at the Fairfield Barnes & Nobles. He'll be leading a "how to draw a Darkling" session around 1:00pm, so if you're local, come on by and say hello!

If you haven't backed yet, visit our Kickstarter to do so. If you can't back us, then share! Every bit of support helps. 

Thank you!


Update - 5/9/16

A quick update to let you all know where we currently stand. 

Three weeks until the Kickstarter, and we are hard at work getting it ready!

This is our main priority at the moment. Our goals for the week are to edit and polish the copy, draw graphics for the informational sections, and generate images for the rewards (which we are looking forward to sharing!). Once that’s done we can get it out to some friendly volunteers to give us feedback. If you’re interested in helping out there, shoot us a message through the website or Facebook and let us know!

The next week will be spent putting together the video. This, in many ways, is the most important part of the Kickstarter campaign - people that stop by the page will be looking to this first to decide whether or not to pledge, so we’ll be looking for feedback for that as well. 

In the mean time, Marcus Clawson will be working on finishing pages. Only four left to go, and the artwork for the book will be complete! 

Some of our followers got to watch the illustration of the latest page on Friday night. It was great fun having viewers hang out, watch, and ask questions. He intends to continue streaming Darkling illustrations on Friday nights going forward, so visit the Darkling Facebook page around 8pm, Friday night. He’ll be doing other sketches, illustrations, and designs for the Kickstarter from his personal Facebook throughout the week. 

We’re getting excited for the campaign, and it is rapidly approaching. If you can share our project with your friends, family, and fellow booklovers, it could help us a lot come June! We love the book we’re creating and the character of Darkling, and we feel it’s become something really special. We really appreciate your support in making this a reality. 

Now, back to work!

A busy month!

Firstly, I'm pleased to announce the date for the launch of our Kickstarter. Mark your calendars and tell your friends, the Darkling needs your help starting June 1st!

We are making steady progress towards completion. As of last night, there are only six pages left to go. You can check out the completed pages at our blog, as well as read some inspiring words from the artist!

In other exciting news, the prototype of a Darkling plushy has been finished and is shipping to us right now. I cannot wait to see it in person and share pictures with our followers.

We will keep you updated as we get closer to the Kickstarter. Thanks for following along!


Website is launched!

Welcome to The Darkling website, our home base for connecting with interested readers and sharing information and updates about the projects. Any major updates will be posted here, and shared through our mailing list (sign up for that on the home page). You can also follow us through social media and ask us questions on the contact page!

Thank you for stopping by. We are so excited to share this project!